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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Yuu Kashima/Reader
Warnings: RI


“(First Name)-chaaaan~”

Sighing you put down the project you’re working on and stand up. “I’m in the clubroom!” you call back, walking over to the cupboard where you keep the well used first aid kit. A few seconds later Kashima popped into the room grinning brightly.

“(First Name)-chan, I’m so glad I found you~”

“Let me guess Hori-senpai beat you up again?” You asked taking stock of all the bruises and scuff marks the princely girl now sported.

She nodded a tad sheepishly, fingering a small scrape that was on her cheek bone.

You sigh again and shake your head plopping down on top of one of the desks in the Drama clubroom. “Alright, come here and I’ll bandage you up.” You say paping the seat in front of the desk you were sitting on. The blue haired actress grinned brightly before practically skipping over to you and sitting down.

Reaching into the first aid kit you took out some antibiotic to clean up the little cut Kashima was playing with earlier. “So what’s you do this time?” you asked.

“All I said was that President would look cute in a maid outfit!” she said sounding genuinely taken aback at Hori’s reaction.

“You do this to yourself, you know?” you laugh fondly at the pout your girlfriend was giving you. After cleaning up a few more scrapes and placing a band aid on a particularly stubborn cut that refused to stop bleeding you closed the first aid kit and moved to get of the desk to you were sitting on.

“What, that’s it?” she asked looking at you expectantly.

“What do you meant ‘That’s it’?” you asked playing coy as you put the first aid kit away.

The actress stands up, donning a charming smirk, “I was hoping a ‘get better soon’ soon kiss from mon chéri~” she said slipping into the princely air that drove the fangirls crazy-- but you were all to use to it by now.

Rolling you eyes in good humor you walked into your girlfriends waiting embrace.

Pressing you lips to hers you share a chaste kiss. You resist the urge to deepen it (you were at school after all) and force yourself to pull away after several blissful seconds.

“Now you better get back to practice before Hori-senpai gets mad.”

“Okay!” She chirped happily.

Just as she’s about to leave a though strikes you.

“Oh Kashima!” you called out before she leaves the room. Turning she looked at you questioningly.

“You know… You don’t have to get yourself beaten up every day just to get attention from me~” you wink at the blue haired girl. A slight blush appeared across her nose but before you can tease her about it she let out a melodious laugh and noded her head.

“Okay!” Then she exits the room leaving you with a heated blush from how adorable she was.
I love Kashima so much~ I want to write something dirty for her but I have a horrible track record when it comes to lemons so don’t hold your breath...


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Kashima Yuu © Izumi Tsubaki


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